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We are OPEN for membership

Step 1. Go to eBooking and Register to join a Membership Category and Pay the required Membership Fee. Once your payment is confirmed by our Stripe payment system, your eBooking will be automatically activated. Note: Membership creates an Annual Membership Subscription

Step 2. If you are joining as a Family or Married / Couple, you will need to give us the Names and contact details for the other family members. Please follow the link below and complete online form. We will then create the additional memberships and link them to your Primary membership.

Step 3. You will also need a Secure Key Fob to access our courts. A Fob costs 15 Euro and can be bought at our Wednesday or Friday Club nights from 8pm to 10pm

Please ensure that you sign up for the appropriate Membership Type. Misrepresentation to avail of reduced membership will result in expulsion from the club and forfeit of fees

Membership Type
Membership Fee
Married Couple / Life Partners
Senior Individual
Student in 3rd Level Education
Associate Membership for member of another Tennis Club (First year only)
Discontinued 14/12/2023
Senior 65 and over Membership
Country Membership where primary Tennis Club is over 80 km from Lakewood
Junior under 18 years old
Junior under 10 years old
*** Your Membership Fee includes the Tennis Ireland Capitation (Aduts 14 euro, Juniors 8 euro) which will be paid directly to them on your behalf ***
*** For any member experiencing financial difficulty, please contact our Club Treasurer Ann Lucey, in confidence to discuss your membership renewal ***

Membership Categories:

Family Membership - includes parents/guardians and all children/dependants living at the same address. It can also include children/dependants up to 23 years old before their renewal or joining date once they are still in fulltime education. Dates of birth must be recorded for all children/dependants and proof of fulltime education must be emailed to the club secretary at


Married Couples/Life Partners Membership - Strictly for Married Couples or Life Partners, living at the same address

Senior Individual Membership - Adult members over 18 years old on joining or renewal date.

Student Membership for those in Fulltime 3rd Level Education - For players who are in full time 3rd Level education on their joining or renewal date. Proof of full-time education must be emailed to the club secretary

Associate Membership - This membership type is no longer available at Lakewood Tennis Club as of 14/12/2023. Any member who currently has Associate Membership can only renew to a full membership type after 1 year.

Junior Under 18 - for players under 18 years of age who are not part of a family membership. Date of birth must be included in your membership application along with a parents contact number. Juniors Over 13 Years can play in the evening time as long as they are accompanied by an Adult Club Member.


Junior Under 10 - for players under 10 years of age who are not part of a family membership. Date of birth must be included in your membership application along with a parents contact number. 

Over 65’s Membership – For players who are 65 years of age or older on their joining or renewal date should they wish to avail of this.

Country Membership – For players working in the vicinity of the club but their home residence is over 80 Kilometres from Lakewood. They may avail of this membership for a longer period on submission of proof of existing membership and approval by our tennis committee. To qualify for County Membership you must be a member of another tennis club and you must email evidence of your existing club membership to our Secretary at

Membership Renewals:


All Members are hereby advised that:

  • Membership of Lakewood Tennis Club entails a membership subscription which will automatically charge a membership fee every year. You will receive email reminders of your automated renewal in advance. It is your responsibility to monitor your emails and advise us in advance if you wish to terminate your membership / subscription. You will receive an email reminder 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 Week and 1 day in advance of your renewal date.

  • All renewal fees must be paid in full before your renewal date each year.

  • Your name will be removed from e-booking if you have not renewed your membership the day after your current membership expires. Secure Fob access will also be disabled for all lapsed membership renewals.

  • Only players with fully paid membership are entitled to use club facilities. No member is permitted to use court facilities without first entering  their name and the names of the other players on our court booking system. Any breaches in this protocol may result in your name being temporarily removed from e-booking.

  • Our membership categories are structured to ease the financial costs on families,
    couples and students.  Any misrepresentation discovered after joining will lead to your membership being null and void, with no refund.

By joining Lakewood Tennis Club you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the club and to our Child Protection Policy. Breaches of Club rules, harassment of any kind or bad behaviour to fellow members or committee members will lead to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of club membership, without refund.


Security Fobs for court & club house access may be purchased at a cost of €15 each. Fobs are available for purchase at Club nights. We can only accept cash payment for Fobs.


Guests -When allowed, members may invite a guest to play with them up to 3 times a year.  Each guest must pay €4 euro per hour when playing with a club Member.  Any individual guest may only play 3 times a year at Lakewood, regardless of how many members invite them. If a member wishes to exceed the yearly limit, they must get approval in advance from the tennis committee.

Court Lights currently cost €6.00 per hour per court, payable when booking on our eBooking system. The cost of lights is shared evenly between the members on the booking.

Covid Policy

Important information about our Covid policy. 

Joining via eBooking

Document describes the process for joining Lakewood from our eBooking system

About Lakewood

Background information about our clubs beginnings and how the club is managed


Child Protection Policy

Lakewood Tennis Club is strongly committed to ensuring that all junior players enjoy Tennis in a safe, joyful and life enriching environment.


Player Selection Policy

We promote participitation in Inter-club competitions and in Munster Branch leagues. We want every member of our club to have fair access to participate and lead competitive teams. Policy updated 2023.


Disciplinary Policy

Lakewood Tennis Club is proud to be affiliated to Tennis Ireland and hold our members to the highest standards of fair play and respect which is the corner stone of our sport.


Junior Anti-bullying Policy

Lakewood Tennis Club anti-bullying policy sets out how we feel about bullying and what we will do to tackle it and how we will support children and young people who experience or display bullying behaviour.

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