Sorry - Joining Lakewood Tennis Club is temporarily CLOSED

Step 1. Go to eBooking and Register to join a Membership Category and Pay the required Membership Fee

          Click HERE to go to eBooking

Step 2. Follow the link below and complete our Mandatory agreement form to abide by club rules and policies. This is where you also advise us of other members in your Family or Couples membership.

            Click HERE to Sign Membership Agreement and add Family Members

Step 3. The Tennis Club will activate your eBookingOnline account once our treasurer confirms payment, agreement form and membership details are in order. Please allow up to 7 working days for your application to complete.

Please ensure that you sign up for the appropriate Membership Type. Misrepresentation to avail of reduced membership will result in expulsion from the club and forfeit of fees

Membership TypeMembership fee
Married Couple / Life Partners€380
Senior Individual€225
Student in 3rd Level Education€95
Associate Membership for member of another Tennis Club (First year only)€125
Senior 65 and over Membership€185
Country Membership where primary Tennis Club is over 80 km from Lakewood€140
Junior under 10 years old€50
Junior over 10 and under 18 years old€80


All renewal fees must be paid, in full, on or before your Membership Expiry date. You will receive reminders to renew your membership 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week and 1 day in advance of your membership expiring.
Only fully paid up members are entitled to use club facilities
All fees must accompany a completed and signed Application Form / Agreement
To qualify for Associate Membership you must be a full member of another tennis club. Associate Membership is only available for 1 year to facilitate players who are already members of another club. If you decide to stay with Lakewood beyond one year, you must join as a full Senior Member.


Fobs for court & club house access may be purchased at a cost of €10 each


The Committee may disable fobs and on-line court booking, at any time, if membership has not been renewed

Guests playing with Members: €4.00 each (to a maximum of €8.00 per court) Limited to 3 matches per year without committee approval)
Lights currently cost €4.00 per hour per court, payable when booking on our eBooking system.

Covid Policy

Important information about our Covid policy. 

Joining via eBooking

Document describes the process for joining Lakewood from our eBooking system

About Lakewood

Background information about our clubs beginnings and how the club is managed