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Lakewood Tennis Club is privileged to have a highly qualified and enthuastic coaching team. We are currently looking to add more Tennis Ireland certified coaches to our coaching team and hope to announce our new coaching team during the summer.


Lakewood Tennis Club is affiliated to Tennis Ireland and we have decided to base all future coaching at the club on the Tennis Ireland Certification standards. 

Declan Bray

Declan Bray

Tennis Ireland Grade 4 Professional Coach

To be announced

Lakewood Tennis Club


Declan Bray - Level 4 Tennis Ireland Certified Coach - Declan is a full time professional Tennis Coach and conducts coaching for groups, individuals, competitive teams and supports our Junior Programme.


Declan is available for Private Coaching. If you are interested. Phone 087 254 6856

We will shortly publish what coaching is available and the coaching costs on this web page shortly

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