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Club Opening for Singles play on April 26th

We are delighted to be reopening for tennis on April 26th. While it will be a limited reopen with only singles permitted, it will be fantastic to see our players back playing tennis and making use of our fantastic tennis courts. These are the restrictions governing our reopening:

  • From April 26th outdoor tennis facilities can re-open
  • Access to club courts must be for current members of the club
  • Singles play only - doubles is only allowed for players from the same household
  • Club houses, changing rooms, showers must remain closed
  • A pod of 6 juniors under 18, can be coached per court
  • Adult coaching is limited to two households per court
  • Under level 5, Players cannot play if they are subject to statutory quarantine restrictions
  • If you return to Ireland from a non-category 2 State, you must quarantine at home until you obtain a negative or "not detected" PCR test taken no sooner than 5 days after your return to Ireland
  • If you are travelling abroad this year, please advise our Covid Officer Toni O'Keeffe (086 0846824)


New Membership is temporarily closed until we reopen the club and new members can join with an expectation that they can play and meet with other players to enjoy their tennis.


Covid Hygiene Reminder
Covid is still here, so, please remember to sanitise your hands before and after playing. Maintain 2 meter distance from other players at all times. Do not gather in groups entering and leaving the courts. The club house and toilets will remain closed, so please arrive at the club changed and ready to play.

Smart Lighting installed

We are delighted to announce that our court lights are now automatically controlled from our eBooking system. When you book a court, the system will determine if lights are required based on our local sunset time. If lights are needed, you will be prompted to select lights at the time you book your court. Lights will turn on 6 minutes before your booked playing time to ensure that they are at optimum brightness before you play. Lights will turn off automatically immediately at the end of your booked hour. 

New - Cashless Lights Payment

Every member now has a digital Wallet on our eBooking system. You will need to top it up by credit card on our eBooking site. Simply open eBooking on your phone and click on the 3 line (burger) on the top left of the screen. This will bring you to the Main Site where you go to Manage Account. Enter the amount to top up in the "Account Top up" section. Enter your credit card details and your email address. Click on the "confirm top up" at the bottom of the top up window. You will get an email confirming your top up and after a few minutes your balance will reflect you top up.

Here's how payments will work..

When you book a court, ebooking will deduct an equal portion of the lights cost from each person on the booking e.g. if 4 people are on the booking, it will deduct 1 euro from each player's wallet. Therefore, all players on the booking must have at least 1 euro in their wallet. If a player has no credit, the person booking the court will need to accept the fees of the players with no credit, otherwise the lights cannot be booked.

If a player is substituted on a booking prior to the booked time, the player joining the booking will be charged an equal share of the lights fee and the player leaving will be refunded.

If a court booking is cancelled at least 15 minutes before the booked time, all players will be fully refunded. If a court is not cancelled at least 15 minutes before the booked time, there will be no refund. So please check with the weather and your fellow players early. With our smart lighting, lights cannot be cancelled after the booked time and will remain on for the booked hour. 

Introducing electronic payments is an extra cost to the club but it's one that will make all of our lives easier and safer. 

Ladder extended to May 31th

The ladder is now extended to finish on May 31th. This a great way to get back playing after the Covid break. We have the largest number of player in our ladder ever! Some groups are larger with six players. Remember the Ladder is for fun, practice and experience.  Over time everyone will end up playing players who challange them to play their very best. 


The ladder format is unchanged. Play 11 games with the final game being a tie-break up to 10 points, with a winning margin of 2 points. Enter your scores on eBooking e.g. 6:5 or 9:2...


Did you know - you can now enter your Ladder results directly on your smart phone. Just go into your eBooking App and click on the Burger symbol on the top left of the main page to go to Leagues. Have fun!!